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4D Motion Capture
Anywhere, Anytime

Our platform presents coaches and athletes with core insights - position, force, velocity, and joint kinematics. All to help them do what they do best: coach and play


HD Motion Capture

Valor™ works wirelessly via Bluetooth, making it usable anywhere, even without Wi-Fi.

< 2 Minutes

Setup for detailed motion capture and real-time analytics


Analytics enabled right on your phone and online dashboard

60 Hz

Full-body motion capture with 10+ sensors and 96 hours of battery life


Features captured for all recorded sessions for in-depth analysis on your movement


Record high quality motion capture right at your fingertips

Mobile Session Image
Mobile Session Image


View instant replays and metrics to understand your movement

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Golfer wearing Valor


Take actionable insights from Brave + Valor™ to increase performance and reduce injuries


Join our growing number of teams, sports academies, and researchers to help revolutionize motion capture

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See why over 100+ people use our product!

The objective data validates and speeds up the learning experience!

Bill Fedder, PGA - Director of Golf Instruction

Big Shoutout to Brave! I’m excited to start ramping up my speed for the 2022 Long Drive season and I look forward to using Brave’s wireless sensor technology to further understand how to improve my movement (digitally).

Josh Jackson - Long Drive Golf Professional

The Team at Brave Share the Vision

The team at Brave envisions a full mapping of the human body - how it moves, how it's improved, and how's it's injured - for a variety of modalities.

William Kodama


Dhyey Parikh


Evan Magnusson


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