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The Brave Story

NSF Innovation Corps

How It All Started

The idea for Brave came about when two engineering students completed a semester-long project for a class their first year at the

University of Virginia

in 2017. That semester long project evolved and thrived in the

NSF Innovation Corps

program in the summer of 2018, and slowly turned into a passion for both of them. The duo turned into a trio and their project grew even further at the

Darden iLab incubator

, at which point the team recognized Brave's potential for real change and impact on people.

At Brave, we strive to

Expand Realities

Our Values

User First

We make sure our actions are in alignment with improving our user's lives, as they provide us with the opportunity to be successful.

Human Connection

We promote empowering individuals from all walks of life and recognizing the importance of diversity.

Personal Success

We channel our energy into helping people become the best possible version of themselves.

Long Term Impact

We understand to act thoughtfully and recognize the impact a decision or route may make upon ourselves and other humans.


Our Mission

To help athletes and coaches increase their odds of winning by

understanding movement and optimizing performance

through motion capture.

Meet the Team

The visionaries at Brave envision a full mapping of the human body-

how it moves, how it's improved, and how it's injured

-for a variety of modalities.

William Kodama

William Kodama


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