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What platforms does your software work on?

We are currently only available on iOS devices, and don’t have a timetable for when we will be on Android.

How does the feedback you receive from the device compare to feedback from basic instruction?

The Valor suit has the ability to capture movements that would otherwise be unseen by the naked eye alone. Not only that, but it also allows you to replay said movement on a 3D model, from any angle. This allows the user to replay their exact movement and make improvements based on a visual representation of it.

How many coaches and athletes can I have per account?

You can have an unlimited number of coaches and athletes per account!

What if I don’t live in Austin, TX?

We work with organizations throughout the United States; including Virginia, California, and Minnesota. We take onboarding our customers seriously and will ensure you have the knowledge to properly use Valor.

What exercises can I do?

We have an ever-growing database of fundamental exercises that you can choose from to create your very own assessment. If you don’t see the specific one you’re looking for, you can also create it yourself.

How many exercises should I have in an assessment?

We recommend between 5 and 10 exercises be included within an assessment to get a wide range of movement. This helps you get a better understanding of how your client or athlete is performing.

How long does an assessment take?

Assessments differ in length based on how many exercises are being performed. A standard assessment of 10 exercises should take only 10 minutes.

Where can I use Valor?

Valor is capable of being used anytime, anywhere, no matter if it's on the field, in a clinic, or the weight room.

How do I clean my Valor kit?

The Valor bands are machine washable. Wash on cold water on a delicate cycle, and leave to air dry. The sensors themselves can be wiped down with any anti-bacterial wipe. Do not put the sensors into the washing machine.

How long will each sensor last?

The sensors have a 96-hour battery life, ensuring you don’t have to worry about charging your suit. When the sensors do get low on battery (indicated on the hardware screen within the app) plug the sensors into the charging station included with your Valor kit and charge until the battery is full (typically this takes an hour).

How do I create an assessment?

Our team will help you build as many assessments as you’d like during onboarding. You also have the option to build an assessment of your own within the assessment tab on the app.

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